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Who are we?

The conception of our spices started when our grandma Amaye was preparing recipes for the neighborhood. All her dishes were well received and that is how we were born. Mayil was launched in November 1987 and developed a product that later exceeded satisfaction among customers. Its blend, its flavor and its taste were far more reliable and superior than other competitors. Mayil began producing 25 kilos of spices but with time we have now reached several tons and we provide important hotel groups and the airline company Air Mauritius.

Mayil produces with care the finest spices and developed its expertises for the pleasure of the Mauritian gastronomy. Because Mayil cares, we import our spices from Asia, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Canada and Guatemala. It is here in Mauritius that we process, grind and pack before we commercialize the final product.

Mauritius is a great melting pot, a crossroad between cultures. Europeans, Asians and Africans have emerged as one here and we share same traditional values such as gastronomy. We regularly invite our friends to share typical curry, bryani, vindaye, chutney or stew. We are strongly tied to our historical values and Mayil is among the few who has kept the legacy of the Mauritian gastronomy alive.

Don’t think too much, Mayil Li meme pli bon!

I love my massala curry!


How can you think about visiting Mauritius to discover our culture, our tradition and our gorgeous white sand beaches without enjoying our world famous masala curry during a typical summer evening? Let’s go back in time when the British Empire introduced this recipe on the Island. First there were typical Indian curry foods that were prepared by the Tamil cooks and proposed to the British settlers. Prepared with chicken, meat or chicken, the masala curry was popular and was already introduced in Mauritius even before the arrival of the indentured laborers on the Island.

Masala curry comes from Asia, mainly in India and in the Southeast Asian countries. The main spices in the preparation of a nice curry are basically cumin, coriander, turmeric and the famous chili. The Mauritian masala curry can be cooked along with nice vegetables such as chouchou (christophene), bringelle (eggplant), pomme d’amour (small tomato) or potato. It is accompanied with rice or faratha (pan-fried bread).

Mayil has developed its spice blend in order to continue what history has brought to Mauritius. Mayil has a selected range of masala curry for the preparation of any fish, chicken, meat or vegetables. At Mayil we only care about your pleasure, our goal is to make of every single meal a true celebration! Mayil, li meme pli bon!