Spiced Rum

Spices Rum

Spices are known to be the best companions of Rum. If you fancy a drink try making your own spiced rum. Tweak the flavor profile and enjoy your very own creation. Here is a simple recipe which will leave a long lasting taste on your buds.


1 (750-mL) bottle Rum

1 Vanilla bean

1 (4-inch) slice Orange peel, white pith removed

1 Cinnamon stick

10 dried grapes

4 Cloves

1 pinch Ground nutmeg

1 slice Fresh ginger, about the size of a quarter


Add all the ingredients to a wide-mouthed, airtight container and seal. Let stand for two days and taste. If you want a bit more flavor, leave it be for a third day. Strain the spices out and rebottle the liquid.

How should you drink your spiced rum when it’s done? Forget the cola. It’s winter; try making a hot Teatime Toddy with it.

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